Holland culls 190000 ducks after Bird Flu outbreak

Holland culls 190000 ducks after Bird Flu outbreak

Holland culls 190000 ducks after Bird Flu outbreak

The culling comes a day after Sweden on Friday said 200,000 chickens were being slaughtered at a farm where bird flu was been detected.

The type of bird flu found on the farm in Biddinghuizen, in the Dutch province of Flevoland, is still unknown and is now being investigated.

The strain was discovered present at a poultry farm in the village of Biddinghuizen - and authorities have now banned the transportation of poultry products within a 10km radius of the site. Other countries hit by the epidemic include Germany, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

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Tests indicated that the birds were killed by an H5N8 variant of the disease "which is highly infectuous" for poultry - killing about 30 percent of infected birds - but not "very unsafe to humans", public newscaster NOS said. The bird flu found at the duck farm was the infectious variant H5N8.

According to the World Orginasation for animal health (OIE), 10 countries throughout Europe have been infected with the H5N8 virus.

Measures have been stepped up in the Netherlands recently to stem the AI outbreak including closures of petting zoos and a ban on duck hunting.

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Most outbreaks involved wild birds but Germany, Hungary, and Austria also reported cases in domestic duck and turkey farms where all poultry had to be culled.

It requested that poultry farmers located in humid regions, where the risk of transmission is higher, keep poultry flocks indoors or apply safety nets preventing contact with wild birds.

According to scientists, bird flu is carried by migrating birds from Asia going to Europe and North America. Tests found an H5N8 variant of the disease, which is very infection and kills 30 percent of birds that are infected.

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