Amazon's Echo just got a huge and hilarious 'Star Trek' Easter egg

Amazon's Echo just got a huge and hilarious 'Star Trek' Easter egg

Amazon's Echo just got a huge and hilarious 'Star Trek' Easter egg

Scroll down to Wake Word and tap it.

A multi-syllabic word or phrase that computers, smartphones, and other devices listen for, a wake word is what prompts these various voice assistants to take action.

They constantly listen and record a rolling 60-second audio clip, replacing old content with new audio continuously, according to Amazon. Instead of tapping the speaker to wake Alexa, owners can use specific words to get Alexa's attention, including Alexa, Echo and Amazon.

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Tap the drop down and choose Computer from the list. With an update, you can now say "Computer" to alert an Amazon Echo of your presence. But there's more to the latest wake word addition than first meets the eye. Considering that the retail giant has previously faced some criticism regarding the security issues prevalent with these wake words; sometimes causing the speaker to activate even when not needed - its no surprise that Amazon has looked into the matter and rolled out with a new alternative.

For non-Trekkies, voice-activated systems on the iconic show were triggered by the word "computer".

To make the switch, just open the Alexa app and select "Settings" from the sidebar menu.

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"Our vision was, in the long term, it would become the Star Trek computer", Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said at the Transformers conference hosted by the Washington Post in May a year ago.

The light ring on the device will briefly flash orange once the wake word is changed, the company notes.

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