Cop tickets MI man for warming up his auto in the driveway

Cop tickets MI man for warming up his auto in the driveway

Cop tickets MI man for warming up his auto in the driveway

A MI man is outraged after he was ticketed for heating up his vehicle in his own driveway and then told by the police chief to "drop dead" after he complained to local media.

As someone who lives in Wisconsin, I can tell you that in the winter just about everyone with any sense takes a moment to start their vehicle and leave it running for five or ten minutes before they actually depart.

"We have five to 10 cars stolen this way every winter", Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said.

"My auto takes forever to warm up", Trupiano said of the 1997 Chrysler Concorde.

For the record, on the day Taylor received his ticket, his area's high temperature was 19º Fahrenheit.

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"Vehicle parked in drive with keys in ignition, motor running - no one around", the officer wrote on the ticket.

Local ordinances across the state forbid drivers from leaving their cars unattended like this, though there are exceptions if the vehicle has a remote startup that ensures the vehicle remains locked, WXYZ reported.

"This is purely a public safety issue", he tells Fox 2.

Frustrated with what had happened, he posted a photo on Facebook and it soon went viral, getting thousands of comments and shares.

Trupiano said he will fight the ticket in court later this month. The ticket describes Taylor's auto as "unattended". "I've only seen one person comment that they got that ticket before". Berlin told WDIV. "Drop dead".

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Taylor said he didn't mean to call the officer a name, but he doesn't want the ticket.

Michigan, like OH, makes it illegal to leave a vehicle unattended while the motor is running.

"I was there for maybe seven or eight minutes before I noticed the ticket", Taylor told CBS Detroit, adding that he was dropping off diapers in the process.

Taylor Trupiano was amazed to come out to his motor, which he had running in the early morning to heat it up.

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