Kids of obese parents at risk of developmental delays, study says

Kids of obese parents at risk of developmental delays, study says

Kids of obese parents at risk of developmental delays, study says

Those born to extremely obese parents on both sides were more likely to do poorly on problem-solving tests.

Investigators analyzed data gleaned from the Upstate KIDS study, originally used to determine if fertility treatments could affect child development through age 3; the study enrolled more than 5,000 NY women.

A team from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) in the USA analysed data from more than 5,000 women and their children in New York State. Mothers also gave information on their health and weight, both before and after pregnancy, and the weight of their partners, Yeung said.

Children in the study were tested at four months old and retested six more times through the age of three.

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Investigators also found that when mothers were obese, their toddlers were more likely to fail tests of fine motor skills.

Findings also revealed that children of obese fathers were 75% more likely to fail a test created to gauge personal-social skills, such as how well they were able to relate to and interact with others. Obese mothers could affect their children's ability to control movement while obese fathers might affect babies' social competencies.

A new study from National Institutes of Health researchers suggests that parental obesity is linked to developmental delays in children. They do note, however, that animal studies suggest that obesity during pregnancy could "promote" inflammation - which could, in turn, have an effect on a fetal brain.

After years of blaming overweight mothers for putting their children's health at risk a new study is pointing a finger at obese fathers for preschoolers who have trouble fitting in. The results analyzing parental obesity suggested that the weight of fathers also has a significant impact on the development of the child.

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The study, appearing in Pediatrics, was conducted by scientists at the NIH's Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).

"Our study wasn't created to prove cause and effect". The study found that depending on which parent was obese, children had specific development delays. "At this point, we only have correlations between parents' BMI and children's scores on a screening questionnaire", Yeung stressed. "One theory is that these hormones might influence the development of the baby's brain". To assess development, parents completed the Ages and Stages Questionnaire after performing a series of activities with their children. Obesity will suppress your body badly and can affect it badly.

According to researchers, the social problems might include having difficulty relating to others, and other delays in "personal-social" functioning.

With paternal obesity, the effect on offspring might be due to either gene mutations or other inherited genetic factors in sperm, Yeung said.

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The CDC estimates that more than a third of adults in the USA have obesity, which it defines as having a body mass index of 30 or higher. Obesity levels have been rising in all developed countries and government health agencies have been working hard to raise awareness among people regarding risks associated with obesity.

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