NASA scientists launch Twitter account to defend 'real facts' against Donald Trump

NASA scientists launch Twitter account to defend 'real facts' against Donald Trump

NASA scientists launch Twitter account to defend 'real facts' against Donald Trump

NASA alone inspired several unaffiliated "rebel" namesakes, including @NASAGoneRogue ("NASA Employees taking a stand"), @RogueNASA ("The unofficial "Resistance" team of NASA") and @NASARogueOne ("Rebel with a cause").

In solidarity with the U.S. EPA, under a so-called gag order from President Donald Trump, an alternative Twitter account has popped up for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. It began by posting a mix of climate change data and lamentations that scientists were forced to create anonymous Twitter accounts to speak facts to the world.

The new social media sites say they are not official and not administered by government employees.

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Mr Trump has called climate change a hoax.

The other rogue accounts also have large numbers of followers.

Who are the people behind these Twitter accounts? Though the account hasn't even been active for 48 hours, it's already gained an impressive 451,000 followers. Another employee tweeted that while Trump can take away their Twitter, he can never take their free time, the Sky News says. Much of the information posted by similar accounts is also freely available, describing the new president's crackdown on scientific agencies, or anecdotal: reports of supposed White House workings already detailed in other publications.

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They also state that while the Trump administration may be able to limit their discourse with the public on official National Park Service Twitter accounts, Donald Trump can not stop National Park Service employees from setting up other Twitter accounts and speaking to the public in their spare time.

One new rogue account that has identified itself however, is documentary filmmaker and journalist Jenna Ruddock, who runs the @NatlSciService account.

Following Monday's requests that EPA employees no longer post social media updates and orders for USDA's main research branch to cease communication with the public, (that have now been rescinded,) National Park Service Twitter accounts were the first to take action.

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They have borrowed the names and logos of a number of departments, which include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Park Service, Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration, Forest Service, Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Weather Service, and NASA among others. Many accounts are tweeting facts about carbon emissions and climate change, using #Climate and #Resist.

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