Old School, New School! The Retrobit Super Retro Boy

Old School, New School! The Retrobit Super Retro Boy

Old School, New School! The Retrobit Super Retro Boy

The Super Retro Boy is not pre-loaded with any game since it is dependent on Game Boy cartridges.

Experts have given their verdict on the Super Retro Boy after a hands-on demonstration at CES 2017.

If you've been missing the Game Boy from your childhood, you will be able to snag yourself what's essentially a slightly-souped up Game Boy from Retro Bit!

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The Super Retro Boy is created to look and feel as close to the original Game Boy as Nintendo would allow, whilst adding a clearer screen, backlit display and a 10 hour internal battery as well as a micro-USB port. This unique design will bring you back to old school gaming and will do so while playing cartridges from back in the day as well.

Matthew Byrd's only issue with the Super Retro Boy is the lack of shoulder buttons since these are necessary in some retro games.

At CES, I got to play a prototype of the Super Retro Boy - and it was fun. It had a plastic rectangular exterior that had the same familiar texture, although it is lighter. However, the L and R button placement may not work well for some games.

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According to Digital Trends, the Retro Boy has 10-hour battery life that is rechargeable using a micro-USB. It also has a TFT high resolution screen for a great gaming experience.

The Super Retro Boy is not a Game Boy clone. The developer Retro-Bit refers to the display as "HD", although no specifications have officially been given yet. It will be sold for a retail price of $79.99.

In fact, the company has unveiled a new gaming device dubbed as Super Retro Boy that looks to be an upgraded version of the Game Boy. He said it's all about video game console licensing.

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