Senate Committee Approves Wichita Falls Native Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State

Senate Committee Approves Wichita Falls Native Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State

Senate Committee Approves Wichita Falls Native Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State

The former CEO of Exxon Mobil received an 11-10 vote in favor of his confirmation No democrat senators on the committee voted in favor of Tillerson saying that his close business ties to Russian Federation and its leader Vladimir Putin were "troubling".

Elon Musk is a well-known clean energy advocate - but he shocked many followers this week when he threw his support behind former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Musk expressed his support for Tillerson, this week via Twitter.

Trump Administration Puts Gag Order On Department Of Agriculture Researchers
The ARS now has about 750 pending projects dealing with issues like food safety, crop protection, aquaculture and climate change. Less than a week after the inauguration, the Trump administration has already gagged employees at two federal agencies .

"He [Tillerson] has publicly acknowledged for years that a carbon tax could make sense", Musk told Gizmodo in an interview published after his series of tweets went viral.

Elon Musk defended these clearly contradictory stances and said: "This is something we need to strive for and the more voices of reason that the President hears, the better". Supporters describe him as a tough-minded engineer with small-town Texan values who managed to hammer out deals from Russian Federation to Venezuela, skills that will serve him well at the State Department. "Rex Tillerson has the potential to be an excellent Sec of State".

Trump Reinstates "Global Gag Rule" on Abortion for Non-Government Organizations
We can very soon expect abortions and maternal deaths to rise dramatically in the coming years. Trump's order comes one day following the 44th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling Roe v.

Tillerson was the CEO and Chairman of Exxon Mobil Corp. which is the epitome of Big Oil.

Naturally Musk followers were quick to ask him why he'd support Tillerson, and he said, "Rex is an exceptionally competent executive, understands geopolitics and knows how to win for his team".

Deadly storms tear through rural Georgia
A massive tree fell through the living room, causing the roof to cave in and breaking a window and leaving lots of water damage. A further four were injured in Choctaw County, Mississippi and at least 20 homes damaged in a suspected tornado.

Musk is also one of the big names to immediately approve of Trump's pick for his secretary of state. His tweets may have been innocent and random but it has caused a lot to recently questioning of the Tesla Motors CEO.

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