Support YouTube content creators by pinning your comment to a live-stream

Support YouTube content creators by pinning your comment to a live-stream

Support YouTube content creators by pinning your comment to a live-stream

The feature is called Super Chat. For example, a $1 purchase would not give you any additional benefits, but a $500 payment would highlight a message up to 350 characters in red within the chat for up to five hours. It's a unique new revenue source and something that will certainly appeal to YouTubers who want creators and other viewers to see their messages.

Google's YouTube today launched SuperChat, a new tool that helps fans and creators to connect and for creators to earn money.

The beta of Super Chat is starting today with a select handful of creators. The company has added that the official launch of the feature for creators will be on January 31 in 20 countries and viewers in more than 40 countries.

Porsche 911 GTS - Five New Models
There are probably some people out there who don't share in my sentiment, but I'm going to hold firm on it. The five new 911 GTS models are now on sale in Australia with first deliveries expected during Q2 2017.

YouTube says the tool is only for viewers ages 18 and above, or anyone with a credit card, but it's a fact that youngsters might sneak through their parents' bags, get a hold of their cards and misuse their wallets.

Super Chat is going to be replacing a feature that has been a part of Youtube since 2014, named "Fan Funding".

2- Select "Send a Super Chat". Besides, the colour of the Super Chat depends on the period of the time it stays along with the ticker and with the maximum amount of length message depending upon the type of purchase.

Death Toll in Sinai Police Checkpoint Attack Rises to Nine
On Dec 9, six policemen were killed when bombs exploded at a security checkpoint in Cairo in a road leading to the Giza Pyramids. According to officials, the attack in the city of el-Arish in the Sinai Peninsula was followed by smaller explosions.

This, according to Barbara, will help the conversation become more meaningful.

Google previously stated Super Chat is created to help bring fans and content creators just a little bit closer, and it is also a great revenue stream - that's if users actually take advantage of the feature.

Your public Super Chat will be sent to all viewers during the live stream in the chat once your transaction is complete. The same chat moderation tools will still be available - such as word or phrase blocking and user bans - but the creator themselves will need to manually remove the chats if those features are not enabled. Now FF will accept sign ups but will keep on working for channels that have it till the February 28, which is when it will be discontinued.

US Consular Officer Shot in Guadalajara
The gunman then fired a shot into the car's windshield in an apparent attempt to kill the official. Mexico's Attorney General's office noted the official was wounded in the attack.

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