500 kg Egyptian woman reaches India for weight reduction surgery

500 kg Egyptian woman reaches India for weight reduction surgery

500 kg Egyptian woman reaches India for weight reduction surgery

Her request for a visa was initially rejected, but Dr. Lakdawala used Twitter to contact India's External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to ask for help in December.

Eman is estimated to weigh 500 kg, and has spent 25 years restricted to her house in Alexandria, spending the past two years totally confined to bed.

She has already suffered a stroke that left her right arm and leg paralysed and affected her speech, according to the Save Eman online campaign page, which is raising money for her treatment.

The hospital has been making preparations for the patient including a special bed to bear her load.

A senior doctor, Saifee hospital said, "Since 25years, Eman has not moved out of her house and hence she will be under observation for almost a month before she undergoes the surgery".

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Many doctors have reviewed Eman's case, including in Greece, but she has continued to gain weight, despite having no increase in appetite or food consumption.

"She, along with her sister Shaimaa Ahmed, arrived here early today".

A special bed had been made by local Egyptian artisans in accordance with the safety precautions laid down by the airlines.

A wall of her room had to be brought down to help bring her out before she was lifted by a crane and placed in an Egypt Air cargo plane.

Meanwhile, Lakdawala said this evening that on her arrival at the airport at about 4.30 AM, Eman was taken directly to Saifee Hospital trust in a truck with required safety precautions pertaining to her current health condition. Currently, Eman is under the care of a city-based bariatric surgeon Muffazal Lakdawala and his team of doctors.

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She will undergo Bariatric surgery, a stomach shrinking bypass procedure.

Doctors flew to Egypt 10 days before Ahmed's flight to prepare.

She soon facilitated the processing and Eman Ahmed was issued a medical visa by Indian Embassy in a Cairo. "We simply ensured a safe passage for her throughout the journey". After the surgery, Eman could lose around 100 kilos within the six months that she will spend in Mumbai. She will undergo blood tests, urine test, electro cardiogram and complete physical examination for the next two days.

The woman's family says the surgery, which doctors offered to do free of charge, is likely the only option to save Abd El Aty's life.

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