Do You 'Netflix Cheat'? You're Not Alone

Do You 'Netflix Cheat'? You're Not Alone

Do You 'Netflix Cheat'? You're Not Alone

The streaming service recently conducted a survey of over 30,000 couples across the world and found that 46% of streaming couples cheat by watching the show ahead of their partner, even when they've agreed not to.

If you thought your significant other wasn't watching your favorite new show without you, think again. In one-quarter of cases, cheating happens after one's significant other goes to sleep - though 53 percent of people surveyed said this "doesn't count", according to a news release.

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The most cheaters are in Brazil and Mexico where nearly 60 percent of streaming couples said they cheated. Breaking Bad is the most-cheated show, followed by American Horror Story at number two, House of Cards at three and Orange is the New Black in fourth place.

Just admit it: you cheated. In the Netherlands, only 27 percent of people studied have Netflix cheated.

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Among UAE couples quizzed, comedies were the most popular shows for cheating - 52 per cent cited this as their favourite genre for sneak peeks. You finally find a show that you and your partner enjoy. If an entire season is suddenly available to watch in one night, there's nothing but sheer willpower making you wait for the next episode.

When did Netflix and Chill become Netflix and Cheat? The world average percentage of Netflix cheaters was 46 percent.

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So you're bingeing on The Walking Dead with your spouse and they fall asleep. You could also just ask them and let them know how you feel about it, like an open couple that communicates. Some users - 11 percent of those surveyed - said they even hid in another room to avoid being caught. Still, 18 percent of couples have gotten into an actual, verbal argument about Netflix cheating.

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