MacBook Pro Touch Bar banned in legal Bar exams

MacBook Pro Touch Bar banned in legal Bar exams

MacBook Pro Touch Bar banned in legal Bar exams

A new notice from the state of North Carolina notes that the Touch Bar must be disabled before the MacBook Pro can be used for the North Carolina Bar Examination. But it appears the Touch Bar requires the extra precaution at least for now until software used for blocking potential sources of cheating is updated to disable possibilities with the Touch Bar. Unlike function keys, however, these virtual buttons can be adapted to display whatever commands or functions an application wants.

The restriction will apply in varying degrees in different states across the US.

In other states, however, the new model of MacBook Pro is banned outright. As of this writing, it's not clear if such a mode exists, but the option to turn off predictive text would seem to be an easy way to address the problem.

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The Board of Examiners of the State of North Carolina published an announcement on its website to inform that applicants need to disable the Touch Bar during tests, and although the organization does not mention cheating specifically, it's very clear that this is the main concern.

What's perhaps most interest here, is that the company's calling out one of Touch Bar's more mundane features: predictive text.

If you're planning to take the bar exam, you should check the rules for your state.

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This development comes from Examsoft, a test taking software developer, who is of the opinion that the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro can be detrimental to the bar exam process.

Normally, auto-complete is blocked by exam software that test-takers must use.

Thus, we will suggest you to check with your local branch of the Board of Law Examiners before reaching the exam center with a MacBook Pro. The re-installation fee will be WAIVED.

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Apple is yet to issue a comment on this, but it's pretty clear that the company didn't see this coming, and without a doubt, neither did buyers.

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