Trump attends Boeing's rollout of new 787 Dreamliner today

Trump attends Boeing's rollout of new 787 Dreamliner today

Trump attends Boeing's rollout of new 787 Dreamliner today

The 787-10 was launched during President Trump's visit to the Boeing factory in SC, and blends the outstanding fuel efficiency of the existing 787-8 and 787-9 with room for even more passengers.

SC has a nonunion reputation, but the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers thought they had a shot at unionizing the Boeing aircraft plant in North Charleston.

Both Boeing and the aerospace union purchased billboards, print ads, television and radio ads, for weeks, according to the Associated Press, in attempts to encourage workers to vote for, or against the unionization.

Alexandra Olgin of South Carolina Public Radio reported that the IAM had promised "nearly 3,000 workers at Boeing respect, wages and consistency".

On Friday, President Donald Trump is scheduled to be at Boeing for the unveiling of the first Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner at the plant.

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"This is one attractive airplane", Trump said of the Dreamliner that formed the backdrop for his speech to some 4000 company workers.

SC lost a third of its manufacturing jobs between 2000 and 2010, but since then numbers have climbed from 200,000 to 240,000, with much of the resurgence due to the state's cheap labour.

In December, Trump tweeted "Cancel order!" over the $4 billion projected cost for Boeing to build new Air Force One planes. Boeing also says there's also room for 15 percent more cargo than before, giving airlines even more space to overcharge for baggage they'll inevitably break.

"America is going to start winning again, winning like never ever before".

Trump took a tour of the factory along with Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg, and declared that the company had done "an incredible job".

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SC has the lowest level of union representation in the nation, at 1.6 percent.

Sounding, at times, like lines lifted from his campaign speeches, the President talked about jobs- in the U.S.

Following today's win, President Donald J. Trump will visit the facility, becoming the first-ever US president to do so. "There is a long established view of unions in SC". Trump denounced the costs as "out of control". "They think that if they tell enough lies and attack the journalists who work hard each and every day to find the truth, we'll just throw up our hands, give up on democracy, and let him do whatever he wants to enrich himself and his friends".

Trump the walked with Boeing officials and Gov. McMaster to the new Dreamliner and made his way up the stars for a closer look at the passenger jet. "This plane as you know was built right here in the great state of SC", the president said adding that we want jobs made in America. He said the workers will dictate the union's next move in terms of campaigning.

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