Trump rips media, cheered by conservative crowd

Trump rips media, cheered by conservative crowd

Trump rips media, cheered by conservative crowd

"Let there be no more [anonymous] sources".

"A source says that Donald Trump is a terrible, awful human being".

Mr Trump: America also said America will "get off welfare". They have no sources, they just make them up when there are none. "Let their name be put out there". They say we can't criticize their dishonest coverage because of the First Amendment.

Donald Trump has vowed that work to build a wall around the United States border will "start soon - way ahead of schedule".

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Trump spoke briefly about his immigration policies, which he said are aimed at getting "bad people" out of the country - drug dealers and murderers, he said.

Sky's Siobhan Robbins, who was at the event, said: "This was essentially a speech of a returning hero, coming home bringing back the trophy".

"I'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources", he said.

The White House, like most government entities, often authorizes officials to speak to reporters only on the condition of anonymity.

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The problem, Fallon said, is that if Trump only ever reaches out to his base, he will never break the 40 percent approval rating that appears to be his ceiling. But he said this is the time to prove that conservative answers are the best answers for the country - more jobs, less taxes, a strong military and respect for the Constitution. On Thursday 23 February addresses by Pence, chief strategist Steve Bannon, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos paved the way for the president's speech.

News organizations typically warn against the use of anonymous sources but established news organizations have relied on them when reporting on issues of national security, war, or corruption within certain presidential administrations.

When Trump first addressed the group in 2011, flirting with a 2012 presidential bid, he sounded numerous same populist tones that would propel him to the Oval Office, as NPR's Don Gonyea has noted.

Trump praised his shock election victory over Hillary Clinton, telling the crowd, "It's patriots like you that made it happen, believe me".

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Trump's first appearance in 2011 offered clues to his political ambitions. It gives you the right and me the right to criticize fake news and criticize it strongly. Actually a couple of polls got it right, I must say. Meanwhile, in the back of the giant ballroom where Trump himself will speak on Friday morning, about 100 members of the Fourth Estate collectively rolled their eyes as each Trump-et repeated the same baseless claims their boss has been making for the past year and change.

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