Criss Angel rushed to hospital as straight-jacket trick goes bad

Criss Angel rushed to hospital as straight-jacket trick goes bad

Criss Angel rushed to hospital as straight-jacket trick goes bad

Angel's reps confirmed that he lost consciousness and was taken to a hospital. Break for 15 mins. One anxious Criss Angel fan took to Facebook to share his experience. "Didn't appreciated peoples comments as they were leaving".

But Angel, 49, was released from the hospital several hours later, and it didn't take long for him to pull off the very same stunt at the Luxor venue. The magician apparently went unconscious in mid-air while performing the trick and had to be rushed to the hospital.

"He is grateful for the outpouring of love and concern from his fans around the world", the rep said in a statement. The statement detailed, "Due to Friday's events, Criss and his son Johnny Crisstopher were unable to attend a previously scheduled appearance at a fundraiser for Make‐A‐Wish of Southern Nevada Saturday morning".

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This isn't the first time that particular stunt has resulted in injury for the star.

Neither Angel's nor Luxor's social media accounts have acknowledged the incident.

Criss Angel was rushed to a Vegas ER Friday after passing out during a straight jacket act.

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Angel returned to the stage and successfully performed the upside-down straightjacket trick in which he dangles upside-down by his feet above the ground and escapes from his predicament in 30 seconds. The act requires him to hang upside down while buckled into a double-straitjacketed harness.

In 2013, Angel severely injured his shoulder and bicep while performing a similar stunt in Times Square in New York City.

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