Google Finds A Way To Shrink JPEGs By 35 Percent

Google Finds A Way To Shrink JPEGs By 35 Percent

Google Finds A Way To Shrink JPEGs By 35 Percent

This is not the first time when Google has done something new regarding image compression, however, among all of its other algorithms, this one is compatible with most of the browser, apps, and JPEG standards. As compression increases, the file size reduces but more artifacts enter the image.

Coming back to Guetzli, meaning "cookie" in Swiss German, this compression technique is quite similar to the Zopfli algorithm which is used to shrink PNG and gzip files without needing to introduce a new format. Uncompressed original is on the left.

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The company says that the Guetzli encoder is able to reduce JPEG file sizes by such a large amount without sacrificing a lot of image quality by using a search algorithm.

Google has announced a new open source JPEG encoder called Guetzli that creates images with file sizes 35 percent smaller than now available methods.

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For Google's Guetzli speed boost, researchers developed a test called Butteraugli created to model human vision.

While Guetzli creates smaller image file sizes, the trade-off is that these search algorithms take longer to create compressed images. It would be interesting to see if Guetzli scores a wider acceptance. If you want to try it, Google released Guetzli for free as open-source software. Mozilla, maker of the Firefox web browser, began a project in 2014 called Mozjpeg created to improve on standard compression engines. Other factors can also be involved, such as the speed of the server the site is hosted on, the code that's used to make and design the page and the file sizes for any images that are used in the site. Right, Guetzli compression. Credit: Google. And although Google compared Guetzli to mozjpeg and another JPEG encoder called libjpeg, there are other options, too. The company performed experiments where images of equal file size were shown to study participants who consistently prefered the imaged compressed using Guetzli. It uses an advanced psychovisual model that attempts to strike a balance between small file sizes and image fidelity by honing in on the kind of details that the human eye is drawn to, according to a post published to the Google Research Blog. The second image is encoded with libjpeg and the third image uses Guetzli.

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