Many Breast Cancer Survivors Remain Inactive After Treatment

Many Breast Cancer Survivors Remain Inactive After Treatment

Many Breast Cancer Survivors Remain Inactive After Treatment

As well as the usual advice on living a generally healthy lifestyle, there's also research available on the risks and benefits associated with certain contraceptives and whether or not breastfeeding and having children can help lower your risk for breast cancer.

These findings seem to be related to a previous study from Asia in which data from 5,042 Chinese women with breast cancer were analyzed. Patients were followed up for nine years to record the outcomes, recurrence and death. ER-negative breast cancer sufferers have low survival rates.

The research also revealed that estrogen-like impacts of isoflavones are likely to lessen effectiveness of hormone therapies used to treat breast cancer, Dr Zhang explained. Results were similar in that those who consumed the most soy had more significant improvements after diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Heather Shapiro, a fertility specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, agreed, saying a major concern for young women with breast cancer is whether they will even have the opportunity to get pregnant due to their treatment.

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"That is a really important message when we're talking about pregnancy and cancer, making sure that you have that option available".

The team also investigated the amount of opportunistic mammography, which was found to be very common.

However, that's a choice some women who want a family make, despite the risk of recurrence. Those who gained more than 2.0kg/m2 were at 64% higher risk, compared to those who maintained their weight.

Researcher Sanna Heikkinen from the University of Helsinki in Finland and Finnish Cancer Registry evaluated the contribution of the use of hormonal contraceptives and hair dyes on breast cancer risk factors.

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However, isoflavones can be treated as a weaker form of estrogen which takes up space among the breast cancer cells and crowds out the more powerful cancer causing estrogen from the body.

In light of the findings, Narod wonders if, in some cases, pregnancy has a preventive effect on the risk of breast cancer at least for those he calls the more easily treated "soft ones".

However, that's unproven at this point, he said, and would need more research.

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