Nintendo Switch: 4 things to know

Up until now, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have not yet released any official detail about the imminent "Pokemon Stars" game.

The Switch OS and User Interface also deserve praise, as they're super clean and easy to navigate. It's not very stable and a little poking will topple the Switch down.

The Nintendo Switch dock was initially sold out during launch as people wanted a new one. The first is certainly the most underrated: the Nintendo community. Whether Nintendo is being intentionally simplistic or it's just because there aren't a ton of features at launch, the Switch OS is intuitive. Citing "some digging" through unnamed sources, the site says it "heard. the cost of manufacturing a Nintendo Switch game is higher than the cost of making a PS4, PC or Xbox One game, because the cartridges the Switch uses cost more to make than Blu-ray discs". If seeing is believing, the Nintendo Switch should inspire a quite a following of faithful.

To be clear you're not going to be playing pirated Zelda games on your Switch any time soon.

Intel To Buy Mobileye
USA microchip maker Intel is about to be the new company behind the wheel at the driverless technology firm Mobileye . The deal is the world's largest acquisition of a company that focuses only on the field of automated driving systems.

The hacker claims they only had to tweak their existing iOS exploit to get it running on the Switch.

GameSeek's managing director Stephen Staley said the launch went well, but stock levels for the system were not zero, and there were no more Switch systems to sell.

The second hiccup comes in Nintendo's continued use of Miis, which haven't been redesigned or received any update since the days of the Nintendo Wii.

But those few shortcomings aren't enough to deter purchasers from wanting a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has Addressed Switch Joy-Con Sync Problems
Word from decal maker dbrand is that both the console and controllers are incompatible with the adhesives used. It certainly has its flaws which may or may not put you off buying but the Switch has a lot going for it.

Having a game where I would really need to spend some time working for the best Spritnite Stones or grinding characters on a console seemed less comfortable somehow. The console is now out of stock at most stores and on merchant sites. We'll keep you posted.

Once production increases it could be that we'll see Docks available to buy in Europe, but by that time third-party solutions may already be available which enable HDMI output over the USB-C connection.

In what amounts to a an innocuous but important proof-of-concept a hacker called LiveOverflow has released a jailbreak that allows you to run arbitrary code on the Nintendo Switch.

Jailbreaking, the ability to have root access to a device beyond developer intentions, is now achievable on the Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, the latter is still under investigation, with the team in a "fact-finding mode".

Uber used software to block cops in cities where it was prohibited
A few months ago, Uber required users to provide permission to track them all the time , even when they were not using the app. In a statement, Uber acknowledged its practice of greyballing, which it said was meant to target fraud and abuse.

I just never got around to playing the original Splatoon, which is honestly one of my all-time biggest points of shame as a game critic.

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