Paul Ryan draft bill repealing Obamacare a step in right direction

Paul Ryan draft bill repealing Obamacare a step in right direction

Paul Ryan draft bill repealing Obamacare a step in right direction

Paul suggested in a separate interview with the New York Daily News that House Republicans are keeping the bill a secret because it is "Obamacare-lite".

On Thursday, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul went on a Twitter rampage accusing House Republicans of hiding their plan for replacing the Affordable Care Act.

In an impromptu press conference outside of House leadership's offices, Paul likened the move to hide the bill to Democrats' handling of Obamacare in 2009. "I don't think that's how the America process should work", he said.

It was unclear what was in the draft bill or whether it was still in the room when Paul got there.

Sen. Rand Paul, armed with a copy machine, crisscrossed chambers to a Capitol office room in the House guarded by an armed police officer asking to see the bill.

He said he has a feeling that the bill will be kept secret until it gets to the House committees, and then it will come to the Senate without going through any committees there.

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But the senator, who led the 2013 government shutdown over Obamacare - and is hardly considered a consensus builder - indicated willingness to do whatever it takes to force Republicans to fully repeal the law on his terms.

Many conservatives oppose a proposed tax credit that would be even for people who owe no taxes and is based on age, not income.

Republicans have charged that the law places an unfair burden on small businesses by forcing them to provide health insurance for most of their employees.

Cruz refrained from dismissing the tax credit component outright, however, saying, "I will consider any legislative proposal".

"I said I liked to get a copy and they said no go".

Paul says the only information he has on what's in the replacement he's received from Politico. They're trying to avoid a similar situation with the final draft by orchestrating a quick turnaround from the time the release the bill, to marking it up, to bringing it to the floor for a vote.

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He also said he wants to negotiate downward the "artificially high price of drugs" Americans pay for their medical needs, give state governors more flexibility in covering medical costs for poorer people and allow purchase of insurance across state lines in an effort to force insurers to offer competitively priced policies.

Republican leaders are now looking at limiting the ability of the wealthy to claim the credit.

It also said staff have been directed to consider whether an income cutoff for the tax credit, so that wealthier people don't qualify for assistance.

Asked whether he felt all of the Senate Republicans were on-board with the legislation, Brady said only, "You'll have to ask them". "We can not find the bill".

"Let's do this right, but let's not keep what we have if it's not working", he said.

Once again we see a determined, critical mass of Republican lawmakers who want something very few Americans want (akin to the shutdown) but who want it so badly they are willing to prevent something that might be more popular.

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