Stink of Brazil meat corruption scandal puts off China and South Korea

Stink of Brazil meat corruption scandal puts off China and South Korea

Stink of Brazil meat corruption scandal puts off China and South Korea

"We have to consider the scale of this alleged fraud and the reported extent of official involvement because it appears very considerable indeed and that has to mean a systemic problem which can only be countered by a systemic and independent investigation and verification of the produce that the Brazilians have been exporting", he said.

Meeting ambassadors from Europe, the United States and China, Mr Temer said his government remained confident about the quality of Brazilian meat.

Meat has been one of Brazil's few thriving industries during its two year recession.

Dozens of meat processors officers were searched by Brazilian federal police last Friday, including pork and poultry processors JBS S.A. and BRF S.A.

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The President guaranteed that the investigations into the matter had allowed authorities to bust a "small" group of people engaging in the practice and he emphasised the rigorous controls in place on Brazilian meat products, saying that they "have been recognised by all importers".

Temer meant to reassure the ambassadors - at the end of the event, they were invited to have dinner at one of the most sought-after steak houses of Brasília (DF), Steak Bull, famous for serving imported meats.

Brazilian meat is exported to more than 150 countries, with principal markets also including Japan, Saudi Arabia and Russian Federation.

Speaking to reporters in Brussels, European Union spokesman Enrico Brivio said the companies involved in the scandal would be temporarily barred.

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JBS, the biggest meat processer in the world, said in a filing that none of its executives were singled out in the investigation and that its headquarters were not targeted.

About 150 countries buy meat from Brazil, with principal markets as widespread as Singapore, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Russia, the Netherlands and Italy.

The European Commission said the scandal would not affect negotiations between the European Union and South American bloc Mercosur about agreements on free trade.

In a statement, the company said it has complete confidence in its production processes and in the integrity of its products. JBS's media office said it was unaware of any detention and denied that police raided the company's São Paulo-based headquarters.

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